Corporate Internet

We have designed Internet services specially tailored for corporate customer that requires a premium internet experience with high availability. Our solutions provide highly secure and redundant fiber optic connection; ensure high availability and low latency.


We provide exclusive high speed Broadband Internet for Corporate customers with our dedicated internet connections. There are options to avail data rate of different granularity with dedicated line.

Dedicated internet bandwidth

High availability

Guaranteed QoS

Multi homing


Service Request

Join our rich customer base and allow us to meet and exceed your dedicated internet requirements by filling up the Sales Query web form below. One of our Sales Personnels will communicate with you shortly.

If you want our sales personnel to guide you through the new connection process, please contact:

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Corporate Internet

Offline Payment

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If you prefer traditional personal touch in getting support, please contact:

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Our Customers: Corporate Houses, Renowned Banks, Insurances, Financial Organizations are our customers